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Remote Therapy

Remote therapy is not a new concept and is a skill I learned in my training to become a therapist. Even in face to face practice, there will be times when off the body contact is more appropriate to use and typically this leads to the big (and not easy to answer) question of ‘how does this work?’


With the Coronavirus pandemic, remote therapy has had an opportunity to come to the forefront of practice, in supporting the many people whose lives and wellbeing are being adversely affected.  People experiencing accidents, illness, exhaustion, PTSD symptoms, nervous tension, sleep issues, anxiety, depression, life changes such as a new baby, loss of job or a bereavement, who are shielding or who suffer mobility issues and those who just need some nurturing and support, are able to access remote therapy as an effective therapeutic option.


How does remote therapy work? 

Remote therapy uses exactly the same principles and maintains high ethical and professional standards.  Remote work is fundamentally based in quantum science and means that the energy field can transcend time and space and so treatments can take place from anywhere in the world.  I refer to what some people describe in their later therapy treatments as a feeling of ‘oneness’, the utterly incomprehensible yet euphoric feeling of being truly at peace within, and with the world outside, experiencing at a somatic level the deep connection to each other and everything around.  The realisation that we are all part of the same energy field and that the energy field is infinite is both liberating and empowering. 


What happens during a treatment?

If we’ve not worked together before, I will send you a consent and disclaimer form by email ahead of the session to be electronically signed and returned. 

For new or returning clients, we will book a time and date for your treatment which will be carried out by video link via WhatsApp or Messenger.  If you are too breathless to talk, please let me know.  At the start of the first treatment, I will go through a case consultation with you.  I will ask you to find a space where you can sit or lie quietly without disturbance if possible.  I will talk you through a short grounding exercise before connecting with your energy field and ground you again before the treatment finishes.  There will be an opportunity for feedback before the treatment concludes.  

For babies and children, the process works in exactly the same way however I do not expect babies or children to stay still, although it may be preferable to fit the treatment round a sleep or some down time (perhaps story time or watching television). 

Case Consultation - £10 (new clients)


Adults 30 minutes ~ £30


NHS & Keyworkers & Carers ~ £20


Children & babies ~ 20 minutes ~ £20






Molecule 7

The only reason for time is so that

everything doesn't happen all at once.

Albert Einstein


Kind Words

"Hannah has been treating me for the last few weeks for nightmares. For the first time in months, I have had a whole week of good sleep without taking sleeping tablets. It feels great!" P.S.

"Lockdown has forced us all to be at home. We thought we were coping well but my son and I had reached a point where we could not be in the same room without being anxious about something. Hannah worked with my 8 year old and after the session he was a changed child.  I am looking forward to the next session!" P.S.

"I had been feeling anxious this week and worrying about my job after lockdown. The difference after the treatment was incredible. I slept so well that night and didn't feel anxious for the first time in weeks! If your considering trying distant cranio-sacral therapy I'd say go for it!" J.C.

"I must admit I was a little sceptical about the power of the remote session however it was incredible. The connection was tangible and I left the session feeling like a new person, wonderfully relaxed, centred and rejuvenated. Highly recommend!" B.R.

"You've been instrumental in my Covid recovery this year. I have learned so much listening to my inner self and my body". R.K.

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