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Children and Teenagers

Image by Ben Wicks

Children and teenagers are increasingly exposed to more and more stressors through social media and cyberbullying, school/parental pressures, family/social relationships as well as the imprint from the pandemic. It’s perhaps harder to recognise early signs of stress because children display a myriad of behaviours which are considered largely ‘normal’ as part of their growth and development.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy may help to ~ 

  • Enhance attention, resilience, emotional control and decision making, impacting positively on self-worth and confidence, social relationships and learning.

  • Reduce feelings of social, separation or performance anxiety, exam stress, anger, inattention, overwhelm, negative thoughts and behaviours.

  • Reduce symptoms such as restlessness, impulsivity, agitation, headaches, muscle tension, teeth clenching, panic attacks, poor sleep, tummy ache, pain, fatigue, day dreaming.

  • Help children learn about boundaries and to connect with their feelings, emotions and body sensations in a safe way and experience a different way of being.

  • Support children who are experiencing a significant life change or challenge.

  • Support children who are neuro-diverse or have developmental, physical, or neuro-diverse needs. For more information please visit 'Welcome to MY World'.

       Clinics ~ 40 minutes ~ £45


Kind words ~


Hannah was amazing treating our teenage daughter following a difficult time and a bout of illness (glandular fever).  Hannah was professional and such a calming influence for us all.  Being a teenager we were not sure if she would be receptive but she loved the treatment and put her back in balance and then on an even keel and much less anxious. Life is tricky and it was important for our daughter to get a bit of time one on one with someone who had only her interests to heart” S.T.

"I’m 13 and about 6 months ago I had some treatments with Hannah as I was feeling very anxious and not myself.  From this is was discovered that I was sleeping very poorly and this was affecting my wellbeing as a whole.  It was a strange experience but surprisingly relaxing. What felt like a 10 minute treatment was actually a whole hour, yet I was in too deep a sleep to realise. Hannah was very kind and it genuinely helped a lot". L. Aged 13. 

“It felt relaxing and calm because all my emotions came off my chest so I didn’t feel worried anymore.  My body felt relaxed and I liked the CD.  It made me feel on top of the world and dreamy.  I would recommend it to other children”. F.W. Aged 9. 

“Thank you for today, my daughter has been so happy and relaxed since her session” T.G.

"It has made me feel much calmer. You are the best and I enjoyed coming to see you. When I started coming to see you, I felt embarrassed but now I know you, I feel safe and never feel lonely." L. Aged 7. 

“My 7 year old son was struggling at school, primarily because he is young for the year and left handed making handwriting a tense and hard to follow exercise. He had huge temper tantrums that seemed irrational and homework was always a huge battle. He has also co-slept with us his whole life, despite trying a variety to techniques to get him to sleep independently. I approached Hannah as I was looking for a form of therapy that was more physiological than psychological.  He was immediately very at ease with Hannah. In fact more at ease with her than I have ever seen him with anyone before. He really enjoyed the sessions and Hannah was extremely adaptable to his moods and whether or not he wanted to lie down or sit up and play a game. Hannah has a great way with words and was able to get him to open up about some of the things that had been bothering him. Hannah was very astute at identifying things that had occurred in his past which may have left an impression from within.  Almost immediately we noticed a difference.  Temper tantrums were getting less frequent and quicker to overcome when they did happen. Handwriting improved hugely as did his willingness to do homework and read. He even decided on his own accord to sleep in his own bed and is still sleeping there!!  Frustration and anger now seem to have a more identifiable cause, which is more often than not tiredness.  We definitely seemed to have turned a corner and I very much appreciated Hannah's honestly when she thought it was time to reduce the frequency of his sessions.”  M.J.S.

'Hannah made such difference to our daughter. Although an incredibly kind and empathetic child, she was unable to connect with her own feelings and was having frequent meltdowns. Hannah immediately made her feel at ease and after a course of treatment, she was able to articulate how she felt and was able to manage her own emotions far better.  Although our daughter still has her ups and downs, she is now able to cope far better by talking things through and coming up with coping strategies to help her through tricky situations. We cannot thank Hannah enough and would highly recommend her to anyone.' A.C.

"I’m the mother of a teenage daughter suffering with debilitating anxiety and endometriosis.  She was at an all time low and desperate for help. We really didn’t know what to expect but I’m so glad to give it a try. From that first appointment my daughter felt she had found a much needed calm, safe space place where she was accepted and celebrated for who she was.  Hannah has a natural gift for making people feel at ease and shows such kindness. During her first appointment, my daughter showed signs of relaxing for the first time in months. It was quite an emotional thing for me to witness. With each session, Hannah gained her trust more and more. During the sessions, my daughter was relaxing more and exploring what was causing so much emotional pain and beginning to let it go. This was all done in an environment where she felt accepted and not judged in any way. Alongside the treatment, she was given strategies to help deal with her anxiety at home. They have been really useful and my daughter has been able to build on these, week after week. The sessions have had an incredibly positive effect on my daughter’s mental and physical wellbeing. I can’t recommend Hannah highly enough". J.

"Hannah was highly recommended to me by a friend. My 12 year old son at the time was suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks, which was preventing him from going to school. As his mother, his pain was my pain and when I met Hannah I was also in a state of stress - at a loss as to what to do to help him. Anxiety and anger issues had been an ongoing issue with my son, and all the previous methods of helping him such as "mindfulness" and "CBT" weren't working as effectively. Hannah welcomed us into her home for cranio sacral treatment and we both instantly relaxed.  She has such a calm and caring presence. Hannah is a true professional and we both felt very safe under her care. Her knowledge and understanding of this type of treatment really shine through in pre and after care of each session we had and my son really looks forward to the sessions.  My son started to show signs of improvement very quickly and after one session his panic attacks stopped.  I highly recommend Hannah, and will continue to see her in the future". M.

"I brought my child to see Hannah because there seemed to be heightened emotions present following a plane journey which typically sends my child into extreme overwhelm and panic every time. She had been more angry and irritable than usual and I wanted to see whether the therapy could help. It did help and we noticed a change pretty quickly with a reduction in angry outbursts. She only needed 3 sessions and is now much happier and calmer. Thank you Hannah!" C.

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