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Frequently asked questions...

Q: What procedures are in place to keep me safe?

A:  Whilst we are out of the pandemic, many people have vulnerable health and so I continue to reduce risk of transmission of viruses. If  you or the person you are bringing feels unwell (including coughs and colds), the appointment needs to be rearranged and cancellation fees will be waived.

Q: What are your cancellation fees?

A:  A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment otherwise you are asked to honour payment in full.  However when you or the person you are bringing feels unwell, cancellation fees are waived.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: This will depend on your individual needs and what you hope to get out of the sessions and we can discuss this at the end of your first treatment.  For children a minimum of 6 weekly sessions is recommended.

Q:  Is the treatment confidential?

A:  Yes the treatment is confidential unless you agree for information to be shared with named person/s.  However if you disclose information which I believe needs to be shared with an appropriate health care professional or other professional body, I will discuss this with you.

Q:  I am seeing a counsellor/ psychotherapist/ psychologist.  Can I have Cranio-Sacral therapy alongside this?

A: Yes absolutely, Cranio-Sacral therapy can really support talking therapies. However please discuss this with your current therapist first.

Q:  I have had health issues since Covid 19, can I have Cranio-Sacral therapy?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  The therapy can really support the bodies immune system and in fact all aspects of the persons physical and mental health.  People with long term Covid 19 effects have reported cranio-sacral therapy being an integral part of their ongoing recovery.  Please see testimonials for more information.

Q:  I’ve recently had an operation and would like Cranio-Sacral therapy to:  support my healing/ support my physical health/ support my mental health.  Is this OK?

A:   If your operation is recent, I recommend you check with your health care provider first.  I can work from anywhere in the body and therefore do not need to have direct contact with any recent operation site.

Q:  I have difficulties lying down on a couch, can I sit up?

A:  Yes, please let me know about any difficulties you have lying on your back. I usually invite adults to lie down on the couch, if this is not possible you can lie on your side or sit up.  I can use additional pillows to make sure you are comfortable.

Q:  Can I have a treatment during pregnancy?

A:   I can treat at all stages of pregnancy however I would recommend waiting until you have had your 2nd scan at approx. 20 weeks.

Q:  What if I bring my baby and they need a feed?

A:   If you are comfortable, I can work with your baby whilst you are breast feeding or they feed from a bottle.  I can also work with your baby whilst they are sleeping in your arms.  I will make a safe space on the floor or couch from which to work with you and your baby.

Q:  I do not like physical contact, can I still have Cranio-Sacral therapy?

A:  Yes.  I understand that for various reasons, some people (children or adults) do not enjoy having physical contact.  Although any touch is extremely light, I respect this choice or need and can work off the body. We will discuss contact during your consultation.

Q:  I would like my child to have Cranio-Sacral therapy but know that they won’t keep still.  How will this work?

A:  I understand children have different needs and may want to move around. You are welcome to bring your own audio CD’s, books, iPad or anything else to make them comfortable.  If your child needs to move, I will work with this.   I have audio CD's and a box of books and toys in my therapy room.  Children are not expected to lie still on a couch.

Q:  My child’s behaviour has got worse since the treatment, is this normal?

A:   Whilst it doesn’t happen often, a child’s systems processes in the same way as adults and known behaviour’s may increase whilst their system re-integrates.  Please contact me if you have any concerns.

Q:  Can I leave my child with you whilst they have their treatment?

A:  No, although I have an Enhanced DBS check, any child under the age of 18 years of age must have a parent or nominated caregiver present throughout the duration of the treatment. 

Q:  Is there any aftercare advice?

A:  I recommend to drink plenty of water and listen to your body.  Try and avoid alcohol the same day if possible.

Q:  How long does the treatment work for?

A:  The treatment will carry on working over the next few days whilst your system re-integrates.

Q:  Why do I feel so tired, is this normal?

A:   Yes totally normal, while some people feel more energised, some people feel more tired post treatment and this is just the body telling you it needs to rest and that the treatment is working.. Be guided by your body.

Q:  I’m feeling a little emotional following the treatment, is this normal? 

A:  This is very normal.  Although we tend to think of our bodies in more physical terms, the body is in a constant state of changing emotion.  Any event that leaves an imprint in our system will have an emotional connection and so any release may have an emotional component. 

Q:  I have some aches and pains from an old injury reappearing following my treatment, is this normal?

A:   Completely normal, as the body processes an old injury some old symptoms may reappear as they are released.   You can contact the therapist if any symptoms are unusual or if you are concerned.

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