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I provide on-site Cranio-Sacral therapy in school to promote oneness and wellness in school-children (and staff). This soothing and grounding treatment supports children with a range of emotional and learning needs to better engage in school and home life to optimise learning, wellbeing and happiness.


1 in 10 schoolchildren have a diagnosable mental health condition.

(The Childrens Society).


The most common mental health conditions in children and teenagers are anxiety (generalised; social; separation); behaviour conditions such as Autism Spectrum Conditions and mood conditions such as depression.


Why use Cranio-Sacral Therapy?

 ~ To provide a wellbeing service for school-children, working in partnership with the pupil, family and teacher.

~Enhance attention, resilience, emotional control and decision making, impacting positively on self-worth and confidence, social relationships and learning.

~Reduce feelings of social, separation or performance anxiety, exam stress, anger, inattention, overwhelm, negative thoughts and behaviours.

~Reduce symptoms such as restlessness, impulsivity, agitation, headaches, muscle tension, teeth clenching, panic attacks, poor sleep, nightmares, bedwetting, tummy ache, pain, fatigue, day dreaming.

~Help children learn about boundaries and to connect with their feelings, emotions and body sensations in a safe way and experience a different way of being.

~Support children who have specific learning, sensory or emotional needs.

~Support children who are experiencing a change or event causing distress and who may benefit from additional support at school or at home.

Kind words

"Hannah approached our school with the offer of volunteer work in order to further her education and skills of working with children and young people with Special Educational Needs whilst supporting the needs of our learners. Our communications were always professional and purposeful with Hannah. Hannah worked alongside myself and the teaching staff to make the relevant adaptations required to work with our students and meet the needs of our physical environment and that of our learners. A huge part of our school is the communication with the parents of our students. Hannah was excellent at this, keeping parents informed about their sessions and the effects of each session.


We wouldn't hesitate in having Hannah back at our school and working alongside our students offering Cranio-Sacral Therapy"


Richard Hammond

Assistant Headteacher 

Walton Leigh School

Community Special School, Surrey.

 Kind words from parents.....

"Usually the school transition takes until mid-November.  It’s mid-September.  This morning he went in and high—fived the teacher at the door wearing a huge confident smile.”  S.D.

“It felt relaxing and calm because all my emotions came off my chest so I didn’t feel worried anymore.  My body felt relaxed and I liked the CD.  It made me feel on top of the world and dreamy.  I would recommend it to other children”. F.W. Aged 9.


“X is starting to flourish, showing leaps in maths, reading and writing, it’s astonishing!  He is not only engaging but thriving!  Before he showed no interest and would actively avoid this learning!” C.J.


“My 7 year old son was struggling at school, primarily because he is young for the year and left handed making handwriting a tense and hard to follow exercise. He had huge temper tantrums that seemed irrational and homework was always a huge battle. Hannah was very astute at identifying things that had occurred in his past which may have left an impression from within.  Almost immediately we noticed a difference.  Handwriting improved hugely as did his willingness to do homework and read.”  M.J.S.

“Her teacher pulled me aside this morning to tell me how amazed she is by X progress in maths, reading and writing!” L.F.

 “My 12 year old son at the time was suffering from acute anxiety and panic attacks, which was preventing him from going to school. As his mother, his pain was my pain and when I met Hannah I was also in a state of stress - at a loss as to what to do to help him. Anxiety and anger issues had been an ongoing issue with my son, and all the previous methods of helping him such as "mindfulness" and "CBT" weren't working as effectively. Hannah is a true professional and we both felt very safe under her care. Her knowledge and understanding of this type of treatment really shine through in pre and after care of each session we had and my son really looks forward to the sessions. My son started to show signs of improvement very quickly and his panic attacks reduced. I highly recommend Hannah, and will continue to see her in the future.” T.M.

"It has made me feel much calmer. You are the best and I enjoyed coming to see you. When I started coming to see you, I felt embarrassed but now I know you, I feel safe and never feel lonely." L.B. Aged 7.

"X asked me the other day if we were going back to see you.  X doesn't say much but you made an impact on him." T.P. (mother of 8 year old with autism).


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