Baby Repose


Cranio-Sacral therapy is so gentle and therefore perfect for babies. 


Whatever your reason for bringing your baby, I will gently tune into the birth process to release any restrictions, compressions, rotational forces, shock and tension which may be troubling them. 


This may present as difficulties with feeding, sleeping, excess crying or specific issues such as colic, reflux, torticollis or allergies. 


This beautiful therapy allows the baby to lead and express their birth story whilst I listen and facilitate. 

Home Visit (Malvern) ~ mother & baby ~ 40/50 minutes ~ £45/£55

Clinics ~ 40 minutes ~ £40



With all energies focusing on the new baby, mums often neglect their own needs. Why not treat yourself to some TLC which will boost your health and leave you feeling nourished and refreshed. As a mother and therapist, I understand the complexities of pregnancy, birth and motherhood and the importance of self-care to nurture your wellbeing.

Home visit (Malvern) ~ 60 minutes ~ £55

Clinics ~ 50 minutes ~ £50

And not forgetting dads and partners, this treatment is perfect for you too! The above are available as gifts for your loved ones.

Repose and Relax

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