Welcome to MY world

“Welcome to MY world” was founded after an 8 year old with Autism, ADHD and dyspraxia said these four words to his mum after his 3rd Cranio-Sacral and Reiki therapy session.  I work extensively with children with a range of emotional and learning needs.  I recommend a minimum of 6 weeks of treatment to give your child the best opportunity to benefit from the therapy though in some cases, therapy is longer term.

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Cranio-Sacral and Reiki therapy is suitable for all children regardless of condition or diagnosis.  However parents tend to seek therapy for their child for the following reasons:

Anxiety related conditions (social; separation; performance); Neuro-diverse Conditions; Autism; Attention Deficit Condition; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Condition; Obsessive Compulsive Condition; Depression; Developmental Delay; Dyslexia; Cerebral Palsy; Sensory Processing Conditions; Neurological, Congenital or Chromosomal conditions; Emotions and Behaviours.


Cranio-Sacral therapy works best when there is a holistic approach to the child needs, working with diet, the environment, a needs led or therapeutic behaviour approach and alongside other professionals such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists.



Cranio-Sacral Therapy can ~

Improve getting to sleep, staying asleep and quality of sleep.  

Induce feelings of calm and relaxation and experience a different way of being. 

Enhance building outward connections to the world around the child, including relationships.

Support integration of the senses.  

Boost the immune system.

Connect and ground the body, enhancing attention, focus and learning.

Reduce feelings of overwhelm; anxiety; fight/flight; shut down; irritability; hyperactivity; disassociation.

Reduce inflammation in the brain and body.

Support the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the brain to improve brain health.

Support detoxification from the brain back to the heart.

Reduces pressure in the cranial membranes.

Release restrictions and compressions imprinted from the birth process.

Optimise gut health (considered the 2nd brain).

Support optimal functioning of the Vagus nerve.

Home Visit (Malvern) ~ 40 minutes ~ £45

Guarlford ~ opening soon.

Articles of Interest ~

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Kind words ~

“Hannah, X has had their first hair wash ever in 5 years without screaming the roof down!”  T.S. 

“It was SO enjoyable.  I’ve never done this with them before. It felt AMAZING and how a family should be..”  C.T.


“My 8 year old just used cutlery for the first time….amazing Hannah!”  D.T.

Kind words ~

“My 16 year old has severe Autism and suffers from anxiety. He has always taken a long time to get to sleep and would be awake for 2 hours in the night. His sleep has significantly improved since starting Cranio-Sacral therapy with Hannah. It regressed a bit over the Christmas holidays but after his first session back with Hannah yesterday he slept really well and I had to go back twice to wake him up this morning which I have never done before.  Two weeks later he is still sleeping through every night!!”  R.J.

Kind words ~

“We’ve definitely seen a change in behaviour in the last 48 hours post treatment, no lashing out or fight or flight.  In a good mood and very amenable.”   S.J.


“They’re starting to behave more typically now, as you’d expect children to behave.  They are shifting away from panic, hysteria and fear which we’ve had and tried to manage for so long.  Now there are glimmers of hope….”  C. M.