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Looking for a therapy to improve a specific physical or emotional issue?

Do you desire optimal health and wellbeing?

Cranio-sacral therapy looks beyond the symptoms, aiming to find and gently support to release the root cause of the issue.

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Restore My Health

Cranio-sacral therapy may be able to support people with ~

Anxiety; neuro-diverse conditions; birth trauma; chronic fatigue; depression; obsessive compulsive disorder; panic attacks;  poor sleep; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; shock; exhaustion; stress and stress related conditions and many more emotional health conditions.

Cardiovascular disorders; central nervous system disorders; carpel tunnel syndrome; chronic pain; digestive disorders; fertility issues; Fibromyalgia; migraines and headaches; menopausal symptoms; muscle pain and tension; neck and back pain; old injuries and accidents; respiratory issues; restless legs; sciatica; scoliosis; skin conditions; sinusitis; tinnitus; TMJ Syndrome; torticollis and many more physical health conditions.  Cranio-Sacral therapy is proving beneficial in supporting long term Covid 19 recovery.

50 minutes ~ £55


Kind words

"I've had five sessions with Hannah following Covid 19 and an underlying tissue disorder and it's allowed me to heal my mind and body, concentrating on parts of me that are holding onto pain and tension and let go and release. I have been sleeping so well since it started. I really do not like taking medication and this therapy has helped me reduce and now limit the amount I take. You have been instrumental in my recovery this year and I have learned so much listening to my inner self and my body." R.K. 

“Hannah made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that it was a really amazing experience every time I went.  After a couple of sessions Hannah mentioned the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulder could have been from a major jaw operation many years before when I was younger, this made complete sense as the only started after that.  After a few sessions the pain completely disappeared and hasn’t returned!!” C.C.


“I was overly pleased and impressed with the results from Hannah.  I have suffered with migraines all my adult life, resulting in 1 - 2 a day.  During my sessions with Hannah my migraines were non-existent.  Since stopping I have had about 4 in the last year. I would highly recommend Hannah and can’t thank her enough.” R.T.

“I am now living almost symptom free for almost a year after several sessions of Cranio-Sacral Therapy.  My tinnitus was, without doubt, stress-related and had got so bad that my physical and mental health were in decline too.  Seeing Hannah (and her encouragement to take time out for myself rather than 3 kids, work, home, usual life pressures...) has been totally life-changing!  I will definitely call on Hannah if the tinnitus flares up again, or I find myself with stress-related symptoms again, she totally scooped me up and made me feel brand new!”  F.R.

“After years of lower back pain, neck pain and severe pins and needles in my right arm (I would wake every morning unable to move my right arm or hand, which would come and go, but it was always worse when I was particularly busy and stressed). I was slightly sceptical that anything could help but willing to try anything.  I have seen my GP countless times, had physio, osteopathy, MRI scan and tests for carpal tunnel syndrome and none helped.  I was about to be referred to see a neurologist for further investigations. I have had a few sessions with Hannah and a year on, my symptoms of pins and needles have still not returned. Sessions were deeply relaxing and all the tension in my neck, shoulders and upper back was sorted out. I left feeling calm and my whole body aligned. I know scientific evidence does not necessarily support this treatment, but it has been brilliant for me. Not everything can be measured. Thanks so much Hannah!”  C.D.


“Just had a treatment with the lovely Hannah for an old whip lash injury that flares up every now and then. I had the best night’s sleep ever after my treatment and my neck and head pain are totally gone after just one treatment.  Totally amazing!!  I will be visiting Hannah again and would highly recommend her treatments!” A.B.

"I've actually felt really good this week!!  I feel more grounded and in tune and my energy levels have increased so I'm feeling more energised. I haven't had a sinus headache which is rare considering it's been a busy week!?  Thank you for everything you did Hannah!" K.C.

“Hannah is an incredible therapist who has helped me through some of the worst moments of my life; she has supported me whilst fighting with cancer and recovering from a very aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy experience. Thank you Hannah.” P.F.


“I approached my first session with Hannah with an open mind. I was bordering on a relapse of depression but after the hour of Cranio-Sacral therapy, it had lifted and I felt better than I had for a while. On subsequent visits an old sporting injury and an old car accident was picked up on and made much more comfortable” J.B.


“After suffering for over 6 weeks with blocked sinuses and having ruled out allergy problems and any infection (tried anti-biotics), I went to see Hannah to see if it could help.  The whole experience from start to finish was so relaxing and restorative.  I honestly hadn’t expected to feel much different after just one session but within 24 hours my sinus problems were completely gone. Truly amazing. Thank you Hannah!” N.M.  

"Thanks so much for literally holding me and being such a huge part of my healing.  I know I've got a long way to go, but you've helped beyond measure with my chest so thank you".  S.D.  (Long term Covid recovery).

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