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Men's Health

With men's mental health in the spotlight, there's never been a better time for men to seek and access help for mental and physical wellbeing.  Stressors such as work pressures and commuting, financial concerns, relationships and children, accidents and injuries, health conditions and age related concerns can take its toll on mood, relationships and quality of life.

Sadly for men, there are still perceived expectations about how men 'should' behave and cope with pressures and stress which can cause a delay in accessing timely support and intervention and negatively impact health and wellbeing.   


Cranio-Sacral therapy is a body based therapy meaning you can talk as little or as much as you like but without any pressure to do so. The therapy works deep within the body, enabling the body and mind to process and release some of those held emotions, pressures and stresses in a safe, gentle way.

Cranio-Sacral may be able to help with ~

Anxiety; Neuro-diverse conditions; Fatigue; Depression; Panic Attacks;  Poor sleep; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Shock; Stress & Stress

related conditions; use of alcohol or drugs to cope with stress; negative thought patterns and many more emotional health conditions.

Cardiovascular disorders; Central Nervous System disorders; Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; Chronic Pain; Digestive disorders; Fertility issues; Fibromyalgia; Long Covid; Migraines and Headaches; Muscle pain and tension; Injuries and accidents; Respiratory Issues; Sciatica; Scoliosis; Skin conditions; Sinusitus; Tinnitus; TMJ Syndrome; Torticollis and many more physical health conditions.

50 minutes ~ £55


Image by Drew Farwell

Kind words

"I visited Hannah's practice at a time when I was under a lot of stress.  Like many men we don't share our problems so I was pretty distracted with life and not really focused on seeking solutions.  From the very start of the treatment I was at ease, I felt my anxieties drain away and lost myself in the process.  I can't quite explain the feeling afterwards but I felt released of stress and energised.  I really recommend it".  T.T.

"I have been seeing Hannah for Cranio-Sacral therapy for a number of weeks now to try and address an ongoing issue with Tinnitus, a condition I've had for over a year. Initially I saw my GP and was then referred to an ENT specialist and after MRI scans and hearing tests, I was told there was nothing physically wrong and I would just have to "learn to live with it".  I found an article on social media about some work that Hannah had done with sufferers of Tinnitus. Contrary to the view that there's nothing that could be done, Hannah's approach was much more positive and upbeat. So I decided to give it go.  I was  a bit sceptical about Cranio-Sacral therapy to begin with, but having battled with Tinnitus for over a year, I didn't feel like I had much to lose by giving it a try.  And I'm absolutely delighted I did.  My initial consultation with Hannah was very thorough, we spent quite some time discussing the origins of my Tinnitus and other health issues. And then we started with the therapy itself. Cranio-Sacral therapy works by the patient lying on a treatment bed and the therapist uses gentle touch around the head, back and feet to determine where problem areas exist. I can't say I understand the process any more than that! However, it is the results of the sessions which matter.  Hannah's treatment room is warm, comfortable and quiet. Our sessions are carried out with low lighting, meditative music and a nice fragrant diffuser. Mostly, I fall into a deeply relaxed state, I'm not sure I've ever actually fallen asleep but I easily drift into that awake/sleep middle ground. The treatment lasts around an hour and at the end of it, I feel thoroughly rested and invigorated.  And has the treatment cured my Tinnitus? There is some improvement, definitely.  Before my sessions with Hannah, I was aware of the ringing in quiet environments all of the time. Now, I'm less bothered by it.  My understanding is that Tinnitus settles/improves when the central nervous system is in balance and stress-free. Hannah's sessions encourage this state of body and mind and therefore are very worthwhile. I'm sure there is still some way to go before my Tinnitus clears completely but with Hannah's session, it finally feels as though I'm on the right path".  J.P.

“I approached my first session with Hannah with an open mind. I was bordering on a relapse of depression but after the hour of Cranio-Sacral therapy, it had lifted and I felt better than I had for a while. On subsequent visits an old sporting injury and an old car accident was picked up on and made much more comfortable” J.B.

“I have problems with my neck which have been diagnosed as due to age-related deterioration, (I am 76) and also sciatica. I am currently receiving orthodox treatment for both.  I have had two treatments with Hannah now.  I found the whole experience very positive, appreciating the professionalism with which I was treated.  The treatment itself was an intensely relaxing experience, so much so that on both occasions I found it soporific to the extent of light sleep during the therapy – so that I am unsure of all that it entailed outwardly.  I emerged with a feeling initially of being slightly dazed which was followed by a sense of well-being and extra energy. This lasted for some hours after the treatment, and I also benefited from having a ‘good day’ in terms of pain.  Whilst not understanding the science behind Cranio- Sacral therapy, I can testify to its benefit in my case.”  A.H.

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